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Zarka’s Cuisine Fascinated All Pljevlja

I know that Mrs. Zakra will continue to create breathtaking cuisines. Before our last talk, Mrs Zakra made us trully happy as she told that will keep writing as she states that there are plenty of dishes to remember which need to be recalled.

Zarka’s Cuisine Fascinated All Pljevlja

The beauty of Pljevle’s mosque can be conpared with Banja Luka’s Ferhadiye which is built by Huseyin Pasa in 1569, Serbia’s Ali Pasa and Novi Pazar’s Altun Alem mosques. The beauty of Huseyin Pasa’s mosque were one of the reasons why we wanted to come to feed our stomach in Montenegro’s third biggest city, Pljevlja.

After the properous event that took place yesterday, it showed that when you do the job with passion, success is nearer. I was invited to the launch of Zarka’s Cuisine book at Gold Hotel. Even it may seem like a piece of cake, it wasn’t actually. Since we have passed Pljevlja’s road sign, there was a moody air. We met with Mrs. Zarka, in the area which it took the name from, Trebovina. While sipping the coffee together we had the chance to ask about the inspiration on writing the book and the motivation behind it, reminding us that we were at one of the best kebab place in Pljevlja.

As we got engaged into this topic, Mrs. Zarka mentioned us, in a humble way, that she devoted this book to her sons, Ferit and Faruk, her mother and father and all of her beloved friends. She also stated as well her eager and impatience to meet them in about an hour and a half at the event. Of course, we weren’t aware of what would happen next. When we arrived at Gold Hotel we saw a numerous of well dressed and elegant people which made us think that by mistake we made it to a wedding. In order to confirm whether I was or not in the right place, I gently asked a man sitting next to me, and with a confused expression he reassured me that we were actually at the Zarka’s Cuisine event. Furthermore, while asking to the same man in suit and tie whether or not all the people were here in order to attend the event, suprised by my amazed expression he added that “Yes, everybody gathered for the event” which one more time, I couldn’t hide my expression.

I was very pleased to see all the people gathered for this event only, to listen to Mrs. Zarka’s book speech which made it obvious to see the passion and compassion she added to it, to see a successful woman. While listening to the speech I was both smiling and imagining the scenes.

She accomplished in a tremendous way to narrate how the traditional food is eaten with love, and how she learned to steal the job from other masters which now makes people happy. But the theory wasn’t enough, she added her own signature as well in the cuisine, making her aware by the fact she needed to tell the whole world, she explained.


Mrs. Rasema Pelidija opened the event with a stupendeous speech like if it was taken from the book, where nearly two hundred guests attended at Gold Hotel. By the end of her speech, the master opened the lid of the pot which was in front of her and let the Zakra’s Cuisine odor to spread out in the saloon.

This book is not just a thick covered book with good criticism and beautiful food from Pljevlja, There were two other speakers whom were aware of this, they knew that this book was a heritage for Balkan people. One of these speakers were a well known academic Pr. Dr. Dzevad Jahic and the other one was a actor which is born in Pljevlja but currently living in Sarajevo, his name is Rade Lala Colovic. Both speakers gave extraordinary speaches but Mr Colovic’s story about “Boiler Story” took great attention from the crowd.

When Mrs Zarka took the word to speak, with a seenable excitement but yet humbly not showing it, began to hand out the first copies of the book thanking to everybody who came and to those who helped in the process of writing the book so important not only for her but for all the Bosnians. She recalled that the book is full of pictures and photographs as a photograph worth a thousand words.

After the book’s promotion Mrs. Zakra signed audience’s books and talked with them for a period. This cultural event carries a big importance not only for Pljevlja but also for all the Bosnians, thanking to everybody who came to the presentation, all being satisfied by Mrs. Zakra’s presentation. I do believe that this book will bring joy in both Balkan and Bosnian homes, as the book combines the salt and pepper. I know that Mrs. Zakra will continue to create breathtaking cuisines. Before our last talk, Mrs Zakra made us trully happy as she told that will keep writing as she states that there are plenty of dishes to remember which need to be recalled.

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